Shipping & Return Policy

Standard orders over $500.00 will be shipped with a freight allowance of up to 5% of the amount shipped, under the condition that the invoice be paid by the due due date. Ask our sales staff how to save money on Great Freight Pallet Rates. International orders outside of the United States and Canada do not qualify for a freight allowance. Drop  ships do not qualify for a freight allowance.

All returns are subject to a 15% restocking charge and must have a return authorization number (R.A.#) issued by Triple “S”. The purchaser must provide a reason for the return and include the original invoice #’s product was purchased on for each item to be returned. Salesmen cannot authorize credit. Our office at Triple “S” will issue a credit memo upon inspection of the goods. Unacceptable goods will be returned to the dealer. Any dealer who feels the unacceptable goods should be credited can contact the manufacturer or manufacturer’s representative. We will provide the dealer with the necessary information.