About Us


Triple S was established in 1969 in Amherst, NY by three men who were close friends.  All three men had last names that began with an S, so they decided to name their business Triple S.  Triple S began as a mail-order fishing and hunting supplies store and was run out of the basement of one of the men’s houses until it became too big to manage out of the small space.  At that time the company was growing and the three men who started the business decided to go their separate ways.  One of the men’s sons decided to take over and expand the business.  He moved the business out of the basement and into a warehouse where it quickly grew into the wholesaler it is today. 

As the business grew, a bigger inventory meant the need for a bigger warehouse.  Triple S moved to the Audubon Industrial Park in Amherst, NY, and grew to about 30 employees strong. Triple S is a family-run business that provides affordable wholesale sporting goods to businesses all over the world.